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Guest worker program with Russia

Together with the International Placement Services (ZAV) AKI implements the so called "guest worker program" which allows former trainees from Russia to work in Germany and, thereby, develop their professional skills. Basically, we invite former trainees, who have proved themselves on a personal and professional level during their first internship in Baden-Wurttemberg. The advantage for our agricultural family farms in such cases is that, thanks to their previous work experience in Germany, these guest workers are already familiar with the country, its culture and people; they can speak the language as well as understand the working conditions on farms.

Duration of residence and employment in the host country is first of all regulated to be twelve months, but may be extend to a maximum of eighteen months. The minimal duration of residence and employment is six months.

AKI chooses the candidates according to the main activity of the host farms, undertakes all organization matters concerning official applications and provides comprehensive support as well as consultation in case of any appearing problems.

The payment for our guest workers is based on the salary and wage collective agreement for agricultural workers in Baden-Wurttemberg. The participants are subject to social compulsory insurance, whereas the insurance fee is paid to 50% by the employee and to 50% by the employer. Accommodation and meals are provided by the employer; the resulting costs may be settled within the wages.

If you are interest in the guest worker program with Russia, please click here to request additional information.

Our trainees from Russia and Ukraine on excursion